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Kathryn Allen

Model: Jill Caldwell | Photographer: Drew Baugh | Lead Stylist: Kathryn Allen  

Model: Jill Caldwell | Photographer: Drew Baugh | Lead Stylist: Kathryn Allen 

Earlier this month, the KAC Team coordinated an epic photo shoot filled with vibrant colors, metallic textures and so many fabulous fashion moments, we still debate over which look is our favorite. 

We've put on plenty of photo shoots in the past, but this one felt extra special. We owe that to our ray-of-sunlight model, Jill Caldwell. The KAC Fall/Winter 2017 photo shoot was her first time modeling, and you would NEVER guess by her natural poses, her easy-going spirit and never-fading smile. She's gorgeous, sweet, sharp as a tack and could be a comedian in her spare time. We'll let Jill take it from here... 

Get to know Jill Caldwell:

"My name’s Jillian Caldwell, I’m 20 years old, I don’t take myself seriously, I’m kind of a goof in a sarcastic way, I love music, politics and law, history and I’m a fashion and makeup obsessed shopaholic. I honestly have no idea where I got it from. Nobody in my family was crazily engrossed in fashion. But here I am. I remember when I was little I collected these dolls they were called Bratz Dolls I had almost every single one. They had the best clothes. Ironically, I have a major phobia of dolls but I would get over it long enough to dress those things and then put them away. I think I was so into them because they had the wardrobe I wanted when I grew up. In fact, I’m almost positive that’s why I like a lot of the things I like. Clueless, Crybaby, Austin Powers, Friends, That 70’s show, Grunge, rock, metal, disco, and indie music. It’s pretty much a little taste of all my style choices. I’m a mess, I’m all over the board. My friends call me the wild card because they literally still don’t know how to describe me. It’s like a fish out of water, just opening and closing their mouths. Maybe that’s a shout out to my sign Pisces. I’m changeable in my style like I am with everything else." 

Q&A with Jill Caldwell: 

1.     Hi Jill! It was an incredible experience working with you on the KAC photo shoot. What was the experience like for you?

"Hi! I had so much fun. It was a little nerve-wracking at first since it was my first time ever doing a shoot but it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the experience! I really love fashion and I’ve always wanted to do something like this and hope I’ll have more opportunities in the future."

Featured Handbag: Blush Macro Annabelle

Featured Handbag: Blush Macro Annabelle

2.     It’s obvious that we share a passion for fashion! What are some of your favorite things happening in the fashion world right now?

"I’m really excited about the new coming and long overdue age of inclusion in fashion. I really like that they’re starting to bring in new perspectives. We’re seeing people with vitiligo and albinism which we’ve never really seen normalized up until recently as well as different needs people. I follow this one girl on Insta named Madeline Stuart and she’s starting to break barriers for people with down syndrome in the industry so I’m LOVING that. Trend wise, I really love that they flashed a light on the grunge style and indie lifestyle those are always a favorite."

Featured handbag:  Chevron Macro Annabelle

Featured handbag: Chevron Macro Annabelle

3.     Gone are the days that celebrities and supermodels are the only trendsetters! How do you feel about real people taking the fashion world by storm?

"I feel like it’s the right time for it to happen. For me the best inspiration is just picking and choosing from random people I cross and giving it my own twist. So, I love that such a major thing like fashion is the peoples call. It’s so much more freeing."

4.     You’re extremely driven in both your work and college career. Where do you look for empowerment and inspiration? Do you have any role models?

"I’m really lucky to have such an encouraging and loving family. So aside from my parents, I just stay focused on the vision I’ve had for my future self and just keep working til I’ve reached what goals I’ve set for myself."

Featured handbag:  Blush Macro Annabelle

Featured handbag: Blush Macro Annabelle

5.     You KILLED IT at the KAC photo shoot! If you could walk in any designer’s runway show, which designer would you choose?

"Ever since I was little I’ve been obsessed with Betsey Johnson and her wild style so her for sure. And Dolce and Gabbana, I adore them so much. I love boho and world patterns so much."

6.     Final question! Of all the KAC bags you rocked last week, which was your favorite? Hint: you don’t actually just have to choose one!

"My three faves were the green messenger, the leopard and this beautiful blood orange one."

Featured handbag:  Emerald Ombre Macro Annabelle

We know, we know. Jill flat out ROCKS! We feel incredibly lucky to know her, and we're beyond excited to watch her flourish in her career--no matter where it takes her. 

At KAC, our idols are real people. We love feeling a true connection with someone, and we feel so fortunate to know genuine, kind people who are doing great things in this world, Jill included. Stay tuned for more KAC Spotlights, and make sure you flip through more photos from Jill's KAC shoot HERE! 

Q&A with KAC Founder, Kathryn Allen

Kathryn Allen

Okay KAC Fashionistas, hold on to your Maison Michel fedoras, because I have a very special surprise for you today! 

Behind each magnificently-crafted Kathryn Allen Couture handbag, there is one incredible woman running the show. She’s dedicated, passionate about all things fashion and she makes the Energizer Bunny look like a total slacker. On top of it all, she’s nice. And when I say nice, I mean she’s the kind of person who goes far out of her way to help others in all situations. 

Today, we are sitting down with Kathryn Allen for a fun-filled Q&A that had both of us rolling with laughter as we went through the interview. Grab a cup of coffee, and get to know the darling who created the Annabelle! 

Now, on to the questions!

1.    So, I hear you love fashion! There are a lot of interesting and eclectic trends hitting the runways right now. Do you have any current favorites? 

I have an ongoing obsession with Gucci, and I may need fashion therapy to survive the current collection. I have actually lost sleep over Gucci’s latest runway pieces! One of my favorite past collections is Chanel’s Cuba collection. Havana, Cuba is one place that I have yet to visit, but I dream of traveling there. I am ever-inspired by the history, vibrant architecture and preservation of retro touches. 

2.    If someone were to create a Kathryn Allen cartoon, what would her permanent uniform be? (Besides an Annabelle, of course!)

The cartoon version Kathryn Allen would live in her sparkling Gucci Marmont pumps, a Chanel necklace, my favorite leather leggings from ASOS and a structured Balmain blazer. Also, the Annabelle would be adorned with a precious Fendi charm, of course.

3.    A little birdy told me that you enjoy getting crafty every now and then. Do you have any pieces in your closet that you’ve deconstructed to give them that classic Kathryn Allen touch? 

I am about to begin work on customizing a very special coat with a unique pearl fastening. I’ll share the results on Instagram when it’s complete! 

4.    As someone with an eye for design and a great individual style, what would you say are the 5 most important pieces that every woman MUST have in her wardrobe?   

Every woman should own a strand of pearls (real or faux), fabulous pumps, a perfectly fitted blazer, a pair grey jeans and a beautifully constructed coat that will last year after year. 

5.    You are the definition of #GirlBoss. What items in your closet always give you the confidence to take on the world? 

The KAC Annabelle, of course! There is no better feeling than holding your essentials in a beautifully-made handbag. 

When I go on a date with my wonderful husband, I love feeling fabulous in an exceptionally fitted LBD and chic heels. 

A few of my other favorite confidence-boosting pieces are a beautiful leather jacket, a Maison Michel fedora and a special vintage piece. 

6.    If you had to strut your stuff on the runway for a designer’s show, who would you choose and why?  

I would choose the amazing Zang Toi. I had the opportunity to meet him at a trunk show just a few years back, and his energy and passion for his work instantly filled me with inspiration. He is so in touch with his work, and each of his pieces truly are works of art. The detail of his fashion is unbelievable, and I cherish the Zang Toi masterpiece creations I have in my wardrobe. 

Kathryn Allen with designer, Zang Toi. 

Kathryn Allen with designer, Zang Toi. 

7.    Let’s say you had a run in with a fashion wizard, and they cast a very stylish spell on you, turning you into an item of clothing or an accessory. What would you turn into? What brand would you be? 

I would absolutely transform into a Fendi Charm. You can call me, Kathryn-Lito!

8.    Word on the street is that you’re a professional shopper in your spare time. What are some of your tips for staying comfortable and focused while shopping? 

I have endless advice on the topic of shopping! Here are a few of my essential tips for your next shopping adventure: 

•    Always follow your instincts. If your gut says buy it—do it. If your gut says to wait—hold off. 

•    Have fun with trends, but focus more on investing in the classics. Build a collection of well-made items you can wear season after season. You want to have items that will work with your lifestyle and the evolving trends. 

•    Never be afraid to mix high-and-low fashion! A luxurious handbag can elevate those $30 Zara jeans to a new level. 

•    Don’t exceed your fashion budget trying to keep up with trends. It can be easy to go overboard, so shop consciously. 

•    If you want to indulge without breaking the bank, research reputable resell shops to find the luxury fashion you desire. 

•    Find a Sales Associate at your favorite shops, and build a relationship with them. Not only will they appreciate your loyalty, but they will let you know about exclusive sales and store rewards. Plus, they’ll let you know about new releases that fit your style!

9.    Last but not least, if you had to wear one item of clothing for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

I would have to choose a comfortable T-Shirt that is well made and will last for endless seasons. 

Interviewing Kathryn for this Q&A was such a joy! One may have certain notions in their mind about what it’s like to meet a luxury handbag designer. I can say with much experience that Kathryn’s greatest passion is inspiring fashion fans of all ages. She’s down to earth, caring and she could certainly pick up a side job as comedian. 

Do you have any questions to ask Kathryn Allen? Leave them in the comments below, or connect with us on Instagram!