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KAC Blog


Kathryn Allen


Welcome back to Kathryn Allen Couture’s Candid Q&A series! At KAC, we’re so fortunate to be able to connect with many inspirational and talented women every single day. Relationships with these forward-thinkers and innovators motivate us to be our best selves no matter what life throws our way.

Today, I’m pleased to announce that we’re talking to the Couture Queen herself, Kathryn Allen! In addition to being a curator of stunning luxury handbags, our founder is an ever-inspiring mentor to many. She is easy going, funnier than any comedian you’ll ever meet and she has a few secrets to share with us today. Let's jump right in! 

Candid Q&A with Kathryn Allen


1. What are three unexpected things you enjoy doing?

"A lot of people would be surprised to know that I LOVE going to my local hardware store! I love taking in the scent of all the products, hearing the paint being stirred and watching as people solve problem solve in creative ways. I always leave feeling inspired to repair or make something.

I’m also a big fan of a classic, all-American burger. No bells and whistles needed.

Lastly, people may be surprised to know how handy I am. I’m an excellent painter, I have some plumbing expertise, and I learned how to master intricate couture stitches from my friend’s mom when I was a child."

2. If you could only have one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?   

"As an ode to my Italian heritage, I’d go with a great pasta."


3. Where is your home-away-from-home?

“I have a few! My closest home-away-from-home would be my rose gardens. I love the tranquil sound of birds chirping and leaves gently blowing in the wind. When I’m in the mood for a therapeutic shopping session, I visit my friends at Saks, Neiman Marcus or Ulta.”

4. Any funny hidden talent we should know about?

"Honestly, none that I feel comfortable publishing."


5. What is your favorite expensive beauty product, and what is your favorite inexpensive beauty product?

"My ultimate beauty indulgence is my La Mer skincare, and my favorite inexpensive products are my Faux Mink lashes and NYX lip lingerie."

6. Did you take any unexpected courses in school, or did you belong to any clubs? 

"You better believe it! I’m a bit of a nerd at heart, and I’m proud of that. I was involved in the Science Club, Debate Club, I was Student Body President and I went on to study Russian, business and economics."


7.  If you weren’t in your current line of work, what are some of the other professions we may find you doing?

"I’d have a few professions, of course. I would definitely be a landscape architect, lawyer (I’ve learned from the best) and a pathologist."

8. What makes you feel at your best and most confident?

"I have a lot of tried and true ways to boost my confidence in a pinch. First off, you can’t go wrong with a perfectly-tailored blazer and the tribal pearl earrings by Dior. Add a pair of leather leggings to the mix, and you have the ultimate confident-boosting ensemble. I also feel in the zone and ultra-confident when I get a chance to go on a date with my hubby."


9. What is your all-time favorite dessert?

"We’re traveling internationally for this question! I choose freshly-baked French macarons and Tiramisu."

10. Last but not least, what are you wearing today? 

"I'm channeling Kim-K today, and I'm rocking a pair of Adidas track pants, a tank and heels to spice up the look. It's a fun balance of casual and chic."


Let's all give a big round of applause to Kathryn for answering our questions! Do you have a question for Kathryn or an upcoming guest blogger? Leave your questions in the comments below, and you'll see them in a future post! Hint: We love questions about fashion, beauty, business, school, empowerment and fun, lighthearted topics. 

All photos in this post can be found in Kathryn Allen's premier book, The Gardens At Riverstone. Purchase your copy today