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KAC Blog

Favorite Street Style Stars

Kathryn Allen

Hey fashionistas! We hope you're having a relaxing Sunday filled with espresso, brunch, roses and all of those Sunday essentials. Today, we are naming our top street style stars. We love cluttering our Instagram page with the best of the best style inspiration and these ten darlings never fail to impress us with their ultra-chic looks. 

Charles Gross


We just can't get enough of Charles' sweet and sassy personality and classic style. With a jaw-dropping coat and handbag collection, we are constantly counting down the minutes until he posts a new look. Not only are his outfit picture top notch, but his creative captions will leave you with a smile on your face, too. 



If you've been searching for fashion inspiration to brighten up your wardrobe, look no further than the lovely Camelia of ByCamelia. We are blown away by her use of vibrant colors through each season, and we love that she pairs bold pieces with wardrobe staples, including denim tops and skinny trousers. 

Elizabeth Savetsky 

Instagram | Excessories Expert Blog

Our darling Liz. Where do we even begin!? Elizabeth Savetsky's vibrant, eclectic and glamorous style will leave you oohing and ahhing with each photo she posts. Her wardrobe can best be described as the clothing version of a candy store--bright, sparkly, fluffy with plenty of sweetness and texture. In addition to having fab style, Liz is one of the most lovely people you could ever hope to meet. Keep up the inspirational work, Liz!

P.s. She has been spotted flaunting the Chevron Macro Annabelle


Swedish and Stylish 


Her style is a beautiful combination of elegant, on-trend and romantic pieces. Swedish and Stylish wows us with her closeup images that showcase her accessories and the textures of her looks. This unique approach to street style focuses on the featured pieces and helps you notice little details you normally would look over in a classic street style post. This darling has an out-of-this-world shoe and handbag collection, and we highly recommend exploring her Instagram!

Petite Flower Presents 

Instagram | Blog

The ultimate Parisian chic style inspiration. We adore Holly from the Petite Flower Presents blog, her ladylike looks and effortless charm that shines through in her photos and in her blog posts. Her outfits are adorned with lace, velvet, pearls, silk, cashmere and all of the luxurious fabrics that we can't live without. She can often be spotted wearing full skirts, elegant dresses, delicate ruffles and hip leather pieces.  

Niyah Jackson

Instagram | Inexpensive Chic | Stylin x Niyah

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 12.33.47 PM.png

She's a street style star with a knack for making affordable pieces look super luxurious. In addition,  she's a stylist, activist and blogger. What can't Niyah Jackson do?! Niyah is one of our favorite fashion girls because she goes beyond posting a photo on Instagram. She breaks down her outfits piece by piece on her blog and explains how she constructed her looks. If you do anything today, follow Niyah on Instagram and explore her blog to start your week off on an inspirational note! 

Up Close and Stylish 


Up Close and Stylish is proof that you can flaunt your favorite fashion without revealing your identity and sacrificing your privacy. Her classic images may not reveal the couture curator's face, but they do show off her rare and coveted pieces, seemingly endless Christian Louboutin collection and her feminine flair. 

The Haute Pursuit 

Instagram | The Haute Pursuit 

Vanessa Hong of The Haute Pursuit knows how to slay the contemporary style game with her innovative shapes and fabrics, bold patterns and monochromatic color scheme. In addition to her amazing modern looks, we love the architectural pieces she flaunts. Her Instagram page evokes the feeling of a chic art magazine featuring the best in style and travel. 

Italian Fashionista 


The perfect way to ease our cravings for Italy and couture--all in one! Italian Fashionista's Instagram page features beautiful pieces that any fashion girl would dream about and unique shots that highlight her perfectly picked shoes and handbags. Even though her page is all about luxury, it's also inviting and friendly. Follow Italian Fashionista if you adore beautiful fashion and love motivational energy. 

Karen Blanchard

Instagram | Where Did U Get That Blog

Karen's blog, Where Did U Get That, could not be more accurately named. We definitely want to know the details behind all of her cool girl looks! This stylish babe mixes classic pieces with funky fashion for an original look that never gets old. 

We hope you enjoyed an exclusive look at our favorite sources of street style inspiration! The best part about discovering new street style is seeing one's unique twist on style. How do you describe your style? Tell us about your fashion aesthetic in the comments below OR post one of your street style pics on Instagram and tag us!

*All images were pulled from our style stars' Instagram pages. For more of their style, click the links under each name!