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Founded in 2012, Kathryn Allen Couture is a luxury handbag and accessory heritage brand that boldly exemplifies the sophisticated style and spirit of its founder, Kathryn Allen.


Kathryn Allen’s mission is to infuse compassion, empowerment and diversity into every facet of KAC, while embracing eclectic skill sets and backgrounds. KAC is proud to feature real people of all genders, ethnicities and lifestyles in their campaigns to accurately represent the true KAC client.

In addition, Kathryn is passionate about supporting fellow independent designers, and she utilizes KAC’s social outlets to promote a positive environment where others can flourish and connect.  


With the idea of luxury and the highest of quality in mind, every handbag and accessory is crafted using old world techniques, and a hands-on approach that is truly rare in today’s industry. The sumptuous exotic skins are handpicked from all corners of the globe, and each handbag’s hardware is carefully curated from a century-old establishment in Italy. The company’s handbags also boast a beautiful suede lining and quality thread that is hand-dyed by a group of multigenerational artisans to match each exotic skin. It is this meticulous step-by-step approach that allows Kathryn Allen Couture to provide a bespoke service, giving every client the ability to create their own luxury handbag from start to finish.

Kathryn Allen Couture’s handmade handbags and accessories are currently available in select boutiques, and can also be custom ordered.




Kathryn Allen Couture revels in the ability to fuse old-world techniques with modern design elements. Rather than having a production line of pre-meditated parts, KAC employs artisans skilled in exotic leather craftsmanship. Intricate methods such as skiving and French edge painting can lead to the production time of over 40 hours for a single handbag. Even minuscule details such as the stitching on an interior pocket must be perfected before leaving the KAC boutique workshop.

In order to maintain the luxury brand’s exclusivity, Kathryn Allen Couture allows its unrivaled quality to speak for itself. KAC continues to embrace the elaborate and venerable techniques that are often abandoned in favor of convenient and modernized alternatives. Upon holding a KAC handbag, you will discover its true significance and extraordinarily unique qualities. The sumptuous exotic exterior is structured and durable. The hand-crafted hardware from Italy is weighted and smooth. Intricate details such as exotic-skin accents in the handbag’s interior define the unmatched artistry that goes into each KAC piece.